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Create and deliver your workplace strategy with confidence. Archibus software integrates data, roles, and goals to help you optimize daily performance, forecast needs, and keep your employees and visitors safe.

Archibus offers an array of products that can help you with your back-to-work strategy:

Space Inventory

Assign employees to safe seats that meet social distancing guidelines.


Track and manage which employees are working remotely, in cohorts, or coming back-to-work in phases.


Let employees to select a desk from a pool of pre-approved, socially distanced spaces.

Corrective Work

Automatically schedule room and desk cleanings between reservations to promote a safer work environment for employees.


Allow pre-approved rooms reservation that incorporates time before and after a meeting for proper cleaning.


Help employees find resources, book meetings and workspaces, access services, and request moves through a convenient desktop or mobile experience.

Space Planning

Forecast and plan for large space and occupancy changes at all levels, including portfolio, city, site/campus as well as building and room levels.