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How to optimize your space for success

Are you making the most of your space?

In today’s work environment, it’s absolutely crucial to get the most from your workspace. Through office space monitoring and utilization analysis, it’s now possible to right-size your space with more accuracy than ever before.

Now on-demand: join VP of Global Customer Success Haneen Shouman, Senior Customer Success Manager Emily Gilson, and Solutions Engineering Manager Michael Robbins for a meaningful discussion around space optimization and a practical walkthrough on how you can:

  • Right-size your space and cut real estate costs
  • Make informed decisions on how to reconfigure and organize your office
  • Use badge and sensor data to understand seat and space utilization
  • Learn from emerging trends in the workplace (as seen in Eptura’s brand new Workplace Index - Q2)

We’ll also take a look at how current customers are leveraging Eptura Workplace to manage their space, walking through it step-by-step with a live demo.

Download and watch the video now.

Meet the

Haneen Shouman

VP of Global Customer Success

Emily Gilson

Senior Customer Success Manager

Michael Robbins

Manager, Solutions Engineering

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