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AI and the future of facility management

Which artificial intelligence trends are making the biggest waves in the workplace?

Artificial intelligence is influencing the workplace in a multitude of ways — but which trends are making the biggest waves?

Host Mike Petrusky will be joined by André Jones, Corporate Real Estate Manager at Capital One, and Kevin Goode, Director of Facilities at DC Bar, to discuss AI’s growing impact on facility management.

Learn more about:

  • Significant trends in the world of facility management
  • AI automation’s influence on energy efficiency, predictive maintenance, safety, and workflow processes
  • Challenges facing organizations while operating and maintaining their assets
  • Which technology tools will have the largest impact on the future of FM and asset management

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Meet the

Mike Petrusky

Host of Asset Champion Podcast

André Jones

Corporate Real Estate Manager at Capital One

Kevin Goode

FMP, Director of Facilities, DC Bar

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