2023 Workplace

Index | Q1

Get the complete picture of what’s really
happening in the workplace.

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Introducing the 2023 Workplace Index – Q1

How has the world of world of work changed? Across our global reach of more than 16,000 customers and 16.3M users, we can see strong patterns emerge as everyone shapes what their workplace looks like and how it will behave in 2023 and beyond.

Key findings include:

  • Room bookings for the software & technology industry increased 495% since January 2022
  • Unique visitor check-ins are up 35% year-over-year
  • Desk bookings increased 281% in the Americas, 839% in EMEA, and 176% in APAC
  • 40% of businesses feel they have too much space — but 31% feel they don’t have enough information to know if their space is right for them
  • Site inspections have increased 3% this year
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Get the complete picture of your workplace

The world of work has undergone huge social change. Within the workplace, however, few organizations are able to see the true impact of these big shifts, with many businesses getting an incomplete picture at best.

For the first time, we’re offering insight into the global patterns that we see at a macro level. Using proprietary data from Eptura, this first edition of the Workplace Index report shows that space planning, workplace experience, visitor management, and asset maintenance are all inextricably linked. By getting a complete picture, businesses can gain a deeper understanding upon which to make more informed decisions.

Do you know what's really happening in your workplace?

Our extensive research shows that four major tensions have emerged and are affecting workplaces worldwide.

Freedom vs connection

The tension between an individual employee’s desire to work how they want and the need for human connection with other employees within a business.

Flexibility vs certainty

The tension between the desire to work in a fluid manner and the need for predictability within a business.

Value add vs cost center

The tension between creating attractive modern workplaces and the need to rationalize costs in a business.

CO2 targets vs costs

The tension between meeting the requirements set by ESG standards and the need to optimize costs.

Resolving tensions so everyone can thrive.

Eptura CEO Brandon Holden discusses how employee desires are changing. Download the report now to dive into the data and see how to balance employee needs with your company’s bottom line.