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2023 Workplace

Index – Q4

2023 has been a year of change to a new normal.

Most business leaders now accept the hybrid workforce as the new normal. While some organizations have insisted on a return to the office, the majority have adapted to a structured hybrid model.

At the same time, in an increasingly tough economic climate, many businesses are now seeing real value in digitizing and connecting their facility and asset management systems.

This new world, however, has brought with it a new set of challenges, particularly for those in workplace and asset management. As we look to how 2024 will unfold, we can see many ways that connected worktech can help businesses to solve these challenges, especially from actionable insights provided by data.

Over the past year, we’ve used proprietary data and commissioned research to explore how business leaders can balance opposing demands. In this final summary report on the state of the workplace in 2023, we look at the key insights that will shape the world of work in 2024 and beyond.


Do you know what’s really

happening in your workplace?

For the Q4 edition of our 2023 Workplace Index, we updated our proprietary data across four demands — freedom and connection, value creation and cost control, flexibility and certainty, and CO2 targets and costs — bringing 2023 to a close with the latest insights.

Office attendance drives collaboration

Visitors per location and visitor check-ins per location now significantly exceed pre-pandemic levels, while the average number of days booked in the office continues to rise YOY, demonstrating the desire to work together in-person.

Room to improve preventive maintenance

Most asset-dependent businesses are working on a ratio of 50:50 preventive to reactive maintenance, as opposed to the ideal ratio of 80:20, revealing the widespread need for a higher emphasis on efficient maintenance to avoid costly repairs.

Midweek mountain reigns supreme

Our data shows that while desk and room bookings have increased throughout the week, Tuesday through Thursday are still the most popular days — creating a need for facility managers to be more in sync with workplace managers.

Opportunities for sustainability

Businesses have an opportunity to reduce their building CO2 emissions through better utilization of their space and more efficient asset management.

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