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Driving value with a digitally connected workplace

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Tackling the challenges of
workplace transformation

Managing change is often more difficult than implementing new technology. 62% of operational leaders said their biggest barriers are implementing a change management program and measuring the impact of change.

But as we now see most industries are permanently embracing a hybrid work environment, the ability to harness the right worktech tools is crucial to using spaces effectively and efficiently.


Building the future of the
digitally connected workplace

Wherever we look, we see that businesses are on a journey of digitally connecting their people, workplaces, and assets to create one unified service that delivers efficiencies in costs, adds value in effective operational processes, and creates a superlative employee experience.

For our first Workplace Index of 2024, we’ve explored:

  • The different stages of a digitally connected workplace
  • Where business leaders feel they are on that journey
  • What technology they are looking for next to move them forward
  • How they measure the value they’re getting from their operations

To do this, we commissioned independent research that explores the digitally connected worktech stages, challenges, and aspirations of 200 organizations worldwide. Plus, as we did in our 2023 Workplace Index, we’ve pulled from our own proprietary data from 16.3 million global users.

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The journey to a digitally
connected workplace

The 2024 Workplace Index looks at how far along organizations are in their worktech evolution, with an emphasis on employee experience, buildings and facilities, and asset management.

Embracing integrated platforms

Over 50% of businesses surveyed have implemented — or are moving towards implementing — an integrated platform. However, a sizeable percentage are still digitizing manual processes.

Tech in demand

The top three technologies most businesses want to employ in the next 12 months worldwide are data analytics, integrated workplace solutions, and collaboration software.

Delivering ROI

There are different ROI values at different stages of a digitally connected workplace. And businesses are changing their metrics at each stage as their data analytics capabilities improve.

Hybrid value

Operational leaders attribute an average of 3-8% incremental revenue increase to the effective use of the office for hybrid work.


Driving operational

Currently, we see businesses spending twice as much time on reactive maintenance as preventive. With stronger preventive maintenance, the digitally connected workplace can help organizations save on labor costs and achieve greater operational efficiency.


Managing pressures on buildings and facilities

From our extensive data across 16.3 million global users, we can see visitor numbers are
on the rise. Integrated visitor management systems offer an opportunity for operational
leaders to get a clearer picture of who is entering their buildings, where they’re going,
and when they leave — allowing them to adapt their facilities accordingly.