Index  Q3

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2023 Workplace Index – Q3

Today, many businesses are facing large operational challenges. The global workplace continues to be in a state of flux with businesses forced to adapt to the needs of a structured hybrid and fully flexible employees. At the same time, asset-dependent companies are under pressure to deliver value and profitability while overcoming legacy challenges of data silos, inefficient processes, and disconnected systems.

In our previous Workplace Index Q2 report, we investigated the human side of flexible working and looked at how businesses can use robust data to help them balance the need for freedom with the need for connection.

This quarter, we’re turning to the operational side of businesses, looking at how businesses can create the workplaces their employees want in an operationally efficient manner. In this report, we delve deeper into how asset-dependent businesses can invest in the most effective management strategies to create the efficiencies needed in competitive marketplaces. Like the previous quarter, the answer to both often lies in managing data across silos to get the business intelligence needed to make the most informed decisions.

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  • 54% of operational leaders are now reporting occupancy metrics to their CEO monthly, weekly, or daily.
  • Only 27% of operational leaders felt they had the right mix of collaboration to desk space.
  • While over 80% of operational leaders have automated their HVAC, security, and lighting systems, only 11% use automated cleaning systems.
  • Most businesses are working on a ratio of 50:50 reactive to preventive maintenance as opposed to an ideal ratio of 80:20 preventive to reactive.
  • Predictive asset maintenance makes up only 4% of IoT data used within asset-dependent businesses surveyed.


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For the third edition of our Workplace index, we look at the significant operational challenges businesses face in asset management and workplace management.

Getting the right mix of space

When asked, only 34% of operational leaders believed they had the right amount of space, and only 27% felt they had the right mix of collaboration to desk space.

Harnessing technology effectively

With the right tech tools, organizations can get better occupancy metrics, streamline workplace and asset management, and encourage employees to make better use of the office.

Space that matches usage

Our survey shows that space usage is dependent on the number of days in the office, and that hybrid workers are the biggest users of meeting rooms and non-desk private spaces.

Modernizing asset management

While many companies do have an asset management application, 60% still use spreadsheets to manage their assets and 50% still use email for ticketing requests.

Prioritizing proactive maintenance

Is your organization striking the right balance of proactive to reactive maintenance? Eptura VP of Demand Generation Kris Konrath explains how spending too many resources on the latter can hurt a business’s bottom line. According to the findings of our Q3 Workplace Index, most companies have room to improve.